Radiant Heater Part:Automatic Pilot Switch, Thermocouple LONG

Parity Plus #1052-105L

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Automatic Pilot Switch, Thermocouple LONG

Parity Plus #1052-105L

Functionally Replaces: 90300200, 01313701, 13-137, 25-108, 02510800, 29825 or 903-002-105, based on the White Rodgers 30A46-105

Category: Flame sensor / Thermocouples

Description: $175.18 Brand New Automatic Pilot Switch, Thermocouple or Pilot Switch Assembly. The main function of this device is to sense a pilot flame and turn on the main burner valve. Pilot switch is an exact replacement with a 2-1/8" probe length, measured from ferrule to end of probe. This longer probe length is used in the RTH 75-A and all "A" series burners. When you see a pilot flame but do not feel any output, replace part. Packed 1 to a carton.